Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ecological Footprints

Today's class was on ecological footprints, global warming, greenhouse effects and generally sustainability.  I will admit that I am slightly cynical when it comes to the environment debate.  Not that I don't believe that there are areas that need fixing and better management, but that there needs to be a compromise.  I would love to have solar power in my home or a hybrid car but really, there is no incentive to outlay the exorbitant initial funds to gain in the long term.  Society lives in a 'here and now' situation and with the cost of living rising continually the ability to fork out money to change to these 'sustainable' or 'ecological' avenues are not actually a viable possibility for the average person.

I'm more than happy for people to have a differing opinion - I even agree with a lot of them but I do NOT agree, nor condone fanatacism or fundamentalism - in ANY form.  Greenies, Zealots, Political Activists...nope, if you are fundamentalist on any of those I tune out.  There needs to be a compromise between everything.  The government placing higher taxes as a way to decrease our carbon footprint is a joke.  Make sustainable homes a viable option - the rebates were ridiculous as they still didn't encourage people to convert due the overall cost.  Just look at water tanks.  If you submit the paperwork for the rebate by having them connected by a registered plumber there are local laws that will screw you over for water usage!  Hello the water comes from nature - how the hell can you charge for usage & collection when you've done nothing but pay back a measly rebate???

Governments are the problem - here in Australia we are over governed.  There is no need for 3 levels of government - I came to that conclusion when I studied Australian Politics in High School and in University.  Even worse, Victoria is a Nanny State - get some balls people.  It's not that the average person doesn't want to support the ecology and be more sustainable, it's that the reality of daily life works against such a premise beyond basic recycling, lighting & organic seasonal foods - with governments charging more taxes, and privatised companies raising costs on basic amenities.  Support your local Farmer's Markets - buy bulk - go to Aldi...reject the worst grocery retailers: Woolworths & Coles!!

Anyway, enough of my rant....I could go off on more tangents but then I'd just get more frustrated!

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