Thursday, June 16, 2011

Winter Escapisms...

It's less than a month now until the final Harry Potter movie hits the cinemas...I'm already lucky enough to have my ticket for the final event and even more happy with the fact that I can take my time re-watching the other movies in preparation as I have no classes until the last week in July!  I know, as with any art, there are people out there who don't like the franchise - book or movies - but it is one that I thoroughly enjoy escaping into - much like Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton.  To each their own I say and if you are small minded enough to disagree with anyone having their own choice or opinion that differs to your own then go stick your head up...well you get the point.

Not only is this movie on the cards this winter, but NBC, ABC and SyFy all have some interesting shows premiering.  Well, once again it's an opinion thing - interesting to me that is.  We have three titles that have grabbed my interest: Alphas, Once Upon A Time, and Grimm.  Look them up if you get the chance...if you are a X-men style fan, then Alphas may capture your interest, or if you enjoy the darker side of fairy tales then the other two shows may tickle your fancy.  There are another two shows out there that I thought may be of some interest but I'm waiting on the jury on these - Terra Nova and Falling Skies.  Spielberg productions with a fairly good cast but the trailers seem rather over the top, so I'm not too sure if they're trying to give it that big Spielberg send up or if it really is that over the top!

In the meantime, these shows are all due out over the next month - in the USA.  Once I've seen them I'll be able to give my opinion, but based on concepts and trailers, they look promising, and really with so many shows that have run their course (or should just learn to quit) it's nice to find fresh ideas...not the same reality tv has beens that need to find a sewer bend and never return.

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